We are witnessing the biological destruction

of mankind by the food we are eating.

Our kids are in trouble. Their future is compromised.  We need to regain our health NOW.


Better Food for Better Kids was prompted by observations of daily violent behavior in a secondary school.

The Founders Message:

Social deterioration, learning and behavior problems, as well as mental and physical disease can all result from failed nutrition.  These are growing problems within modern world nations.

We know reversing violence and social decay through better nutrition, is possible because its already been done.  Whole-foods, nutritional school meal programs are healing academic and behavioral problems and transforming the teaching environment, a win-win for everyone (see our success-videos).

The message is simple:
Better food for better kids, a better life and a better world!

Mission & Vision:

1) To inspire and motivate the establishment of natural, whole-foods nutrition.

2) The promotion of organic or all natural, nutrient-dense, whole-foods nutrition education and school meal programs.

3) Give nutrition a prominent place in the academic curriculum thereby recognizing nutrition as the foundation of health and the fuel of life.

Objectives & Goals: 

1) Teach the relationship of food to health.

2) Promote the establishment of healthful school feeding programs.

3) Promote onsite (school grounds) fruit and vegetable growing.

4) Promote school and community information campaigns.

Connecting the Dots:

1) High quality nutrition dramatically improved learning and behavior.

2) Nutrition improves (and therefore could prevent) most learning and behavior disorders and most common and chronic ailments.

3) Nutritional improvements were truly transformative in many school-systems.

4) Super-nutrition has raised I.Q. levels.

5) Street drugs, alcohol and heavy prescription drugging appear to be the logical results of our failed nutrition.