Jason was 6 years and 7 months at the time of the drawings below.  Jason’s mom said prior to treatment he made uncontrolled motor movements, even frequently falling out of chairs, had verbal outbursts, was disruptive, attention seeking, and exhibited violent tendencies. He attempted to attack other kids on the playground with scissors and there had even been talk of institutionalizing him.  The medication Ritalin was strongly recommended.

The following pictures show Jason’s drawing free-hand (left) versus ‘in the lines’ coloring book (right) before and after dietary and nutritional treatment.  Note the harsh black and red color choices (left), totally disorganized ‘out of lines’ coloring (right) and dyslexic letter reversals everywhere.


Scroll down to see the amazing difference in these ‘after treatment’ drawings with beautiful matching colors, well organized and nicely within the lines on the right-hand coloring book picture.  No dyslexic letter reversals now either.

The change in Jason’s drawings were matched by profound improvements in his behavior, learning, attitude and performance of tasks.  The belligerence, insolence, “mouthiness”, sarcasm and and emotional outbursts (also uncontrolled laughter or crying for little reason) were gone.   Mom said, “Instead of being suspicious and violent, he has become friendly and cooperative.”

As it turns out, Jason’s life and school performance were so drastically improved that he appeared to have been a genius in disguise.  At eight years old,  Jason was the only child member of an adult chess club, and rumor has it that he was ‘beating the pants off them’!