It often takes many years (even a generation or two) between wrongful eating and the appearance of chronic health problems.  Chronic disorders and gene mutations afflicting the global population often are rooted in what we are eating.  Fresh, natural, nutrient-dense nutritional school meal programs need to be implemented in schools everywhere.  While nutrition is not the only factor in promoting health and reversing social deterioration, it is the primary, vital, core factor.

  1.  When high quality nutrition was successfully integrated into school and prison meal programs, it dramatically improved learning and behavior (especially reducing violence) and slashed prison recidivism as criminality was dramatically curtailed.
  2.  An enormous body of research and case studies document that nutrition improves(and therefore could prevent) most learning and behavior disorders.  Laraine Abbey-Katzev, Better Foods for Better Kids founder, also published research that documents the powerful and positive impact of nutrients and diet upon most common and chronic ailments. These problems are often partnered with anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, loss of self-esteem, poor functioning, economic failure and criminality –all at an enormous cost to society.
  3.  The New York City School System’s nutritional improvements and the Natural Ovens Corporation nutritional school meals program — with its five year study at the Appleton Alternative School in Appleton, Wisconsin — were truly transformative.  If nutritional feeding programs could transform kids in these schools, it could transform kids in EVERY school.
  4.  Super-nutrition has raised I.Q. levels in children with Down’s syndrome and other severe learning disabilities, with some children brought into the range of normal intelligence.
  5.  Research evidence overwhelmingly confirms that “chemicalized,” nutritionally deficient, highly processed, additive filled foods are decimating health around the world.  This affects the quality of life for everyone.  More and more of our loved ones are becoming sick, obese, and disabled, and are dying prematurely.  Street drugs, alcohol abuse, and prescription drugging appear to be the logical results of our search for relief from the mental and physical damage that failed nutrition and environmental toxins have caused.