Reducing Violence, Bullying & Anti-Social Behavior
Transforming Ourselves, Meal-by-Meal

It’s all about prevention.  Health, after all, needs no care.  Our foundation, Better Food For Better Kids, is working to transform health and behavior, meal-by-meal and student-by-student.

Many diets fail to provide adequate amounts of micronutrients and these failures often lead to anti-social and even violent behavior.  The studies have been done. The proof is out there.  We don’t need more studies.  It is time for actionWe need healthy student meals now!

Institutions worldwide need to adopt nutritional strategies to decrease violence, prevent learning problems, mental and behavioral disorders.  Those who think this will be expensive need to understand the real cost of cheap food.

We need to follow “Edible Schoolyard” founder, Alice Waters, and plant “Edible Gardens” everywhere–homes, schools, vacant lots, neighborhoods, etc.

Organic, all natural, nutrient-dense, whole-foods meals are the way back to health, peace and economic stability.