Our Mission:

To inspire and motivate the establishment of natural, whole-foods nutrition as the basis for optimal personal health, well-being, fulfillment and productivity, and as a way to simultaneously reverse the incidence of disease, disability, social deterioration and criminality.

Our Vision:

The promotion of organic or all natural, nutrient-dense, whole-foods nutrition education and school meal programs that will strengthen society by transforming health, well-being, behavior and academic performance of students. Such programs will involve avoidance of heavily processed, refined, “chemicalized,” additive- laden, hormone treated, genetically-modified, irradiated, highly sugared and salted foods; while focusing instead, upon pure unadulterated food or preparation from scratch using as many fresh, organic, locally grown and raised food sources as possible.

Additionally, the foundation wants to inspire students, teachers, parents and leadership into giving nutrition a prominent place in the academic curriculum thereby recognizing nutrition as the foundation of health and the fuel of life.