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All Natural


Whole-Foods Meals

To Reverse

Physical, Mental & Social Decay

We Need


Health is the Way

Out of Social Decay

It All Starts With Food! .

Its Not The Only Thing,

But It Is a Primary Vital Core Factor.

The Signs of Social Decay

are Mental and Physical


Violence, murder, stealing


Physical Defects and Deformity including Obesity

Mental Aberrations

Mood & Attention Problems

Perversion & Sexual Deviation

Learning and Behavior Problems






High Susceptibility to Illness and Infectious Diseases

Nutrition is the First Answer

Nutrition is an Answer

Nutrition Really

Really is an Answer

Diet & Behaviour

Barbara Reed served as an Ohio probation officer for 20 years.

In 1971, she developed a program on the relationship of diet and behavior.

A five-year study showed that over 80% of people on her program

never got back into trouble with the courts.

Fourteen scientific studies have since proven that behavior is indeed affected by diet

Diet & Behavior

for the students of the Appleton Wisconsin Alternative High School.

In 1997, they started a whole fresh foods lunch program


Dropouts = O

Expulsions = O

Drugs = O

Weapons = O

Suicides = O

Diet & Behaviour

Barbara Reed Stitt says:

Improve their attitude, appearance and self-esteem by changing their diet.

A huge proportion of those getting into trouble were junk food junkies.

I put my probationers on a diet that forbade refined sugar, white flour, alcohol,

soft drinks and all foods with artificial additives

Diet & Behavior

“The Results were Astounding - the health of these individuals improved remarkably, they

stayed out of trouble and they became much more responsive to counseling.“

"The Peak Performance Program entails ridding schools of candy & soft drink machines, and

and replacing it with fresh foods, whole grain breads and energy drinks loaded with Omega 3.”

"Once again, I found that by cutting out junk food, you can cut out a long list of problems

including school violence and truancy.

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