Transforming Ourselves-Meal-by-Meal

It’s all about prevention.  Bad food yields bad behavior and poor health.  Wrongful eating is at the heart of our violence problems and ever rising healthcare costs. Health, after all, needs no care.

Better Food For Better Kids goal is to transform health and behavior, meal-by-meal and student-by-student.

Heavily processed foods,  bottled vegetable oils and refined sugars fail to provide adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. These empty calorie deficiencies effect the brain and nervous system, which can lead to anti-social and even violent behavior.  The studies are done.  The proof is out there.  It’s time for action.  We need healthy children’s meals now!

Families and  schools worldwide need to upgrade their food choices.  Positive behavior and learning depends upon it.  Those who think better food is expensive will see the real cost of cheap food in obesity, illness, failure, aggression, bullying, violence, and mass shootings.

We need to eat lots more plant stuff like veggies, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole-grains.  Food animals should be raised and fed as ‘Mother Nature’ intended, not pumped full of hormones, antibiotics and other growth promoters.  Cows and chickens should be outside on pasture eating grass–season permitting.

Local gardens are a great start.  ‘Edible Gardens’ can be planted almost anywhere.  Check out the example of ‘Edible Schoolyard’ founder, Alice Waters, and plant ‘Edible Gardens’ everywhere–homes, schools, neighborhoods, etc.  Go to Google and YouTube and search Square Foot Gardening and Window Farms.

Natural, or organic, whole-foods meals are the way back to health, peace and economic stability