“As a former psychiatric nurse and a clinical nutritionist I know that mental and physical disorders such as learning, behavior and mood problems, along with social problems, can all result from bad nutrition.

Nutrients lost from processing of foods, plus health damage from the way we raise and grow our food, including the hormones and chemicals present in our foods, have resulted in significant problems among folks within modern world nations.  We see the impact within schools where health problems, strange behavior and even mass shootings sadly have become commonplace.

Bullying, school violence and shootings—generally blamed on social factors like video games and poor parenting—have actually been eliminated through changes in what kids eat.  You can see for yourself through some of our Success Videos.

We want to spread the message far and wide that natural whole-foods nutrition programs, while promoting general good health and learning, will also reduce inappropriate behavior and violence!  Feeding kids right has transformed many troubled kids and schools.  The result is a wonderful teaching and learning environment, a win-win for all.

Our message is simple:

“Better food for better kids—better life—better world!”©